Our Mission: Read Marginalized Books by POCs

Marginalized Literature: Who Are We?

According to Oxford Dictionariesthe meaning of marginalized is: “Treatment of a person, group, or concept as insignificant or peripheral.”

We don’t read and discuss literature by authors of color at the same frequency as white authors. Our minds are conditioned to go for writings by the dominant white culture.

When we go to popular webpages and storefronts of bookstores like Barnes and Noble, over 90% of the author titles mentioned are white. (But of course, they always make sure to mention our token POCs. Look closely for Oprah and Steve Harvey.)

So what is this?

We read, discuss, and inspire through the readings of only authors of color (AOC). Also, we support Brown and Black own bookstore businesses like Frugal Bookstore in the heart of Roxbury (Boston), MA.

Purging our libraries.

The required readings from our alma maters steadily forced our libraries into being filled with white authors. Our libraries needed purging and transformation.

Literature by POCs was the goal of our new library.  As a result, this desire catalyzed us to rebuild our libraries. After weeks of gathering the books that needed to go, we began our journey of discussing great works by AOCs and this changed our lives in ways we did not imagine. One after another we kept discovering new great AOCs.

The concepts, dimensions, and dynamics of AOCs created new pathways for us to think, and challenge our idea of want it meant to be a writer.

The word “marginalized” has a negative connotations, but our purpose for this site is the contrary. Literature by AOCs is wayside, and their well-deserved recognition ignored.

This is more about being “diverse readers”, but rather learning that our thinking will be more dynamic once we open our minds to learning how much more AOC have to offer because of their outlook into this life.

Thank you for stopping by and we would love for you to join us on this journey of de-oppressing marginalized literature.

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Azinza Sirena  and Tlatoani Aztal

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