Big Changes

Things have changed a lot the past few months. Not to say that the changes in my life have contributed to why I write so little here. Even before all the changes, I have not been writing here a lot. Well I have, but mostly drafts of writing.

For the past few months, I have written various drafts for this blog unsure of what to post. Given how little I do post, I wanted to recommit myself to this, but I also what to acknowledge that a lot has changed for me. Also, it would make more sense to align the page with what is going on in my educator-life.

So, what has changed?

  1. I have moved to a new city and state.
  2. I am working at a new school, which of course has many new things going on.
  3. I am teaching a new grade level (and it’s a major leap from what I was doing before.
  4. I am teaching a new subject (still humanities-related)
  5. I am teaching at a turnaround school, which as a lot of challenge that I hope to suss out through writing.

While I will not be able to give every detail of these changes (for privacy and safety of course), I do want to craft my posts to better show what I am experiencing in my career as an educator. Most importantly my goal for this blog is to use my writing as to support educators that are in the beginning of their careers like me, and know that in this struggle as a novice teacher, I am right there with you.

Thank you for reading, and please leave feedback.